Yo voy sonando caminos (I go dreaming roads)

Invocation of a poem by Antonio Machado….

early morning-dirt road in SF Plaza                                          Lower San Francisco Plaza, New Mexico 

I go dreaming roads of the afternoon –
Emerald pine trees, green 
hills, dusty oak leaves!…

Nelson Co-Nursery Rd-Wintergreen1     Nursery Road, east slopes of the Blue Ridge, Nelson County, Virginia

Where does this road go to?
I go singing, traveler  
along the length of this path…

Wards Cove (5) Wards Cove, Tazewell County, Virginia

Slowly, the afternoon ending-
I had in my heart the thorn of 
a passion. I pulled it out one day, 
and now I can’t feel my heart.

2nd-Out West-Aug 07 071 Nascimiento Road, Sierra de Santa Lucia, California 

And the countryside, for a moment, stays,

McElmo Creek Valley-Sleeping Ute Mt-CO (11) McElmo Creek Valley, Sleeping Ute Mountain, Colorado

sombre and mute, meditating.

Page Co-Caravel Rd-pan01 Carvell Road along the South Fork Shenandoah River, Page Valley, Virginia

Only the sound of the 
wind by the river side poplars.

Rio Conejos Valley (34)Rio Conejos Valley, Colorado 

Much darker now into the evening,
the bending road that looks
faintly white, disappears.

Craig Co-Rt614-New Castle-copy Route 696, outskirts of small town of New Castle, Craig County, Virginia

My song turns into a lament:
‘Sharp golden thorn,
Could I only feel you
Stuck in my heart.’

San Mateo Mts-NM (120)Forest Route 138, San Mateo Mountains, Cibola National Forest, New Mexico 

The original in Spanish…..

“Yo Voy Soñando Caminos”

Yo voy soñando caminos
de la tarde. ¡Las colinas
doradas, los verdes pinos,
las polvorientas encinas! …
¿Adònde el camino irá?
Yo voy cantando, viajero
a lo largo del sendero…

Tom Trigo-Cordillera de Sama-Bolivia-19751975, Altiplano, on the road to Potosi, Bolivia

—La tarde cayendo está—.
«En el corazòn tenía
la espina de una pasiòn;
logré arrancármela un día,
ya no siento el corazòn.»

IMG_3708 Towering mango trees shade the road to Volcan Concepcion Nature Preserve, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Y todo el campo un momento
se queda, mudo y sombrío,
meditando. Suena el viento
en los álamos del río.

La tarde más se oscurece;
y el camino que serpea
y débilmente blanquea
se enturbia y desaparece.

scan1From a desert sojourn years ago…old photo of the road into Palm Canyon, Arizona

Mi cantar vuelve a plañir:
«Aguda espina dorada,
quién te pudiera sentir
en el corazòn clavada.

Antonio Machado, Spanish poet, 1875-1939

Casa-de-Antonio-Machado Segovia, Espana

Descanse en paz compadre…..


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